I bought an older home in a nice neighborhood, and I was looking forward to meeting the neighbors. The first one I met let me know she didn’t appreciate my dog, and she was very firm that he’d better not bark loudly. My dog is all of ten pounds, and he has never been the type to make a lot of noise. Although I assured her he was quiet, she has been quite put out with me since I moved in. She looks the other way whenever I walk my dog, and it quickly became plain she would never accept us.

I have since met other neighbors, and they have told me she has about a dozen cats. It seems they roam the neighborhood at will, and she has long been against any dogs. Most of the neighbors treat her with the respect she is due for her age, and they told me to do the same. I have been doing that, but she was still quite frosty to me until last Saturday.

One of the best parts of living in this area is the park down the street, and I spend time there every weekend with my dog. He is very well behaved, and he looks forward to our time together. He generally runs to me whenever I take out his leash, but this Saturday he was busy barking at the dining room wall. It took some time to capture him, but eventually I got him outside.

The area between the two houses belongs to both of us, but I have kept out of it because the cat lady has a garden planted there. My dog barked at the gate and refused to leave, so I opened it. We found her on the ground, and I immediately called an ambulance. She now approves of my dog because she had fallen, and he saved her life.